270Surgical’s SURROUNDSCOPE featured in “Surgical Endoscopy Journal”

Netanya, Israel and Dallas TX – August 20, 2021 – 270Surgical Ltd. (the “Company”) announces a new publication at the prestigious Surgical Endoscopy Journal, highlighting the company’s ground-breaking visualization system, the SURROUNDSCOPE, and its potential to revolutionize the field by improving visualization, enhancing patient safety, and reducing procedure duration.

The field of laparoscopic surgery continues to evolve with groundbreaking advancements aimed at improving patient outcomes and surgical precision. In an exciting development, 270Surgical’s revolutionary laparoscopic system has captured the attention of the medical community, earning a prestigious publication in the renowned Surgical Endoscopy Journal.
The study took place at Bnai Zion Medical Center in Israel and the Minnesota Institute for Minimally Invasive Surgery in the US. 

Making Strides in Laparoscopy

270Surgical’s publication in the Surgical Endoscopy Journal signifies a significant leap forward in the field of laparoscopic surgery. The study titled “The Introduction of Wide-Angle 270° Laparoscopy through a Novel Laparoscopic Camera System” showcases the company’s pioneering laparoscopic technology and its potential to transform surgical procedures.

A Revolutionary Camera System

The core innovation at the heart of 270Surgical’s laparoscopic system is the SURROUNDSCOPE camera. Traditionally, laparoscopic surgery has been limited by a narrow field of view (FOV) of 70°. This constrained perspective can result in complications and compromised visualization during procedures. However, the SURROUNDSCOPE system takes a bold leap by expanding the FOV to an impressive 270°. Achieved through the integration of side cameras at the distal tip of the laparoscope, this expanded FOV opens up new possibilities for surgeons.

In addition to the expanded FOV, 270Surgical’s system addresses two common obstacles encountered in laparoscopic surgery: fogging and smoke accumulation. The SURROUNDSCOPE’s innovative technology and advanced LED illumination eliminates fogging, ensuring optimal visualization throughout the procedure. Moreover, the impact of smoke is greatly reduced, alleviating the need for laparoscope removal or venting, and allowing surgeons to maintain clear visualization without interruption.

Positive Initial Clinical Experience

The publication outlines the promising results obtained during the initial clinical experience with the SURROUNDSCOPE. Thirty-seven laparoscopic surgeries were performed, with all procedures completed successfully and without adverse events. Surgeons and camera holders provided valuable feedback, highlighting the system’s advantages over traditional laparoscopy.

Surgeons reported improved visualization, as the SURROUNDSCOPE system allowed them to track surgical tools from the port to the surgical site without the need for constant camera manipulation. The expanded FOV also enabled the identification of potentially adverse events occurring outside the central frame, further enhancing patient safety.

As the medical community eagerly awaits further research and quantification of the system’s benefits, the publication serves as a testament to the dedication of 270Surgical in developing innovative solutions that advance surgical techniques.


The inclusion of 270Surgical’s journal publication in the esteemed Surgical Endoscopy Journal is a testament to the transformative potential of their laparoscopic system. With its expanded FOV, elimination of fogging, and reduced impact of smoke, the SurroundScope system has the potential to reshape the future of laparoscopic surgery. This pioneering technology brings hope for improved surgical outcomes, setting the stage for a new era of precision and innovation in the operating room.

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