Following two successful exits, Founder and CEO Avi Levy spent almost two years in surgery rooms trying to identify the next big problem to solve. In the past six years, 270Surgical has done just that. Tackling head-on the three major problems of MIS - Blind Spots due to limited visibility, inefficiencies due to Fog and Surgical Smoke, and long surgeon training.

The SURROUNDSCOPE™ is now the world’s first FDA Cleared 270 degree Field-of-View laparoscopic camera on the market, and has been tested and endorsed by some of the world’s leading KOLs.


We are a team of passionate entrepreneurs, engineers and scientists who are building the platform that will change minimal invasive surgery forever

Avi Levy

CEO & Founder

Chad Croasdale

President & CCO

Moshe Levi


Didi Nishlis

VP Business Development

Golan Salman

SD M.Engineering

Dr. Shirley Shapira

VP Clinical Affairs

Sigal Even-zur

HR Manager

Mike Netz

Board Member

Ariel Mozes

Board Member

Avi Levy

CEO & Founder

Moshe Levi


Dr. Paul Severson

Co-Director, Minnesota Institute for Minimally Invasive Surgery

Dr. Jon I. Einarsson, MD, MPH

Chief, Division of Minimally Invasive Gynecology, Professor, Harvard Medical School

Dr. Santiago Horgan

Chief of MIS surgery UCSD Director, Center for the Future of Surgery

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Visual Intelligence (V.I.) is the camera image you see on the monitor and serves as the backbone for all the other technologies (A.I., Robotics etc...) that help comprise the comprehensive platform called Digital Surgery. By increasing the amount of information visible to surgeons on the monitor, you not only provide caregivers with more information, but you also augment the impact of other complimentary technologies such as A.I.

Surgeons who have used Surroundscope immediately point to the fact that they have been blinded by tunnel vision ever since Laparoscopy was introduced to the market. If something detrimental happens to the patient OUTSIDE the surgeon's Field-of-View, the injury may not be detected and remediated during the procedure. By using a 270 degree FoV, we reduce the likelihood that an injury will not be seen during the procedure. 

The 270Surgical Surroundscope platform mitigates 3 long-standing challenges facing Laparoscopists. We increase what has always been a highly restrictive Field-of-View from 70 degrees to 270 degrees. At the same time we eliminate the nuisance of fogging and greatly reduce the impact of surgical smoke on the visual acuity for caregivers.

Over the past 5 years, the team has successfully assembled 3 cameras at the distal end of a standard sized Laparoscope. The design is incredibly well-conceived, and protected by a multitude of patents.

We have performed more than 80 cases on human patients in addition to a variety of labs on non-human specimines. The scope has been trialed by more than 20 surgeons in 3 countries and is receiving universally rave reviews.

Our early data suggests a marked reduction in procedure time. This is not only better for the patient, but also reduces cost to the hospital.

There is virtually no-learning curve for the SurroundScope, as standard equipment is used, and the techniques remain the same. The caregivers simply operate as they did before and benefit from the improved Field-of-View, lack of fog and remediation of smoke / plume. We will in-service all users prior to trialing the product, and have found that surgeons adapt to the additional features within the first case they perform.

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