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Lankenau Medical Center to acquire 270Surgical’s SURROUNDSCOPE for Superior Laparoscopic Surgery Safety and Efficiency

(Netanya, Israel) 6 June 2023 – Lankenau Medical Center and Dr. John Marks, internationally recognized for outstanding expertise and innovation in minimally invasive surgery, has acquired SURROUNDSCOPE™ from 270Surgical Ltd.

The SURROUNDSCOPE™, developed and manufactured by 270Surgical, is a pioneering laparoscopic system, enabling surgeons a new, safer, and more efficient way to operate.

The revolutionary 270 ̊ Surround Field of View technology reduces ‘off-screen’ injuries, provides surgeons unparalleled visibility, and has the potential to substantially improve patient outcomes.

“A 270-degree view is incredible and so much more than we see in laparoscopic and robotic surgery,” says Dr. Marks. “It’s even more than we can see in open surgery.”

“With a much better view of what’s all around the area where we’re operating – meaning no blind spots – we can avoid possible injury to tissues that are off screen,” Dr. Marks adds. “It’s just so much safer as well as more efficient, since we don’t need to move the laparoscope to see better.”

Additional benefits of the SURROUNDSCOPE™- the world’s first FDA Cleared 270-degree field-of-view laparoscope system are the prevention of fogging on the camera and the ability to see through smoke caused by tissue cauterization, both representing a tremendous advantage compared to standard laparoscopes available in the market.

“Standard laparoscopes have lenses that fog when inside the body,” says Dr. Marks. “When this happens, we need to pull the laparoscope out of the body, clear the lens and then put it back inside to continue. This might happen four or more times during an operation. Because this new device is designed to prevent fogging, we can keep the camera in the body without having to clear it, for a shorter operating time. It’s a huge benefit.”

Avi Levy, the inventor of SURROUNDSCOPE™ and CEO of 270Surgical commented: “We are very proud to have identified Lankenau Medical Center as a premier location for us to enter the U.S. Market. Dr. Marks is a visionary and globally respected surgeon who shares our passion for making surgery safer and more efficient for patients and surgeons, and to expand the use of MIS in the future for improved surgery outcomes and patients’ comfort.”

About Lankenau Medical Center

Lankenau Medical Center, part of Main Line Health, is a longtime teaching and research hospital. Lankenau Medical Center is ranked as one of the top 3 hospitals out of nearly 100 in the Philadelphia region and among the top 10 hospitals out of more than 200 in Pennsylvania.

About 270Surgical

Established in 2016, 270Surgical is a pioneering medical device company aiming to revolutionize Minimally Invasive Surgery with its pioneering visualization platform the SURROUNDSCOPE™ – the world’s first FDA Cleared 270-degree field-of-view laparoscope system.

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Chad Croasdale

President and CCO


270Surgical selected to present at the MedTech Innovator Pitch Event in Dublin

Netanya, Israel and Dallas TX – April 20, 2023 – We are thrilled to share 270Surgical has been extended a prestigious invitation to participate in the MedTech Innovator pitch event in Dublin. This event serves as a platform to showcase groundbreaking advancements and connect with industry leaders, solidifying 270Surgical’s position as a trailblazer in the medical technology sector.

A Spotlight on Innovation MedTech Innovator, renowned for its commitment to fostering innovation in healthcare, has handpicked 270Surgical to join an elite group of cutting-edge companies at their upcoming pitch event in Dublin. This invitation is a testament to 270Surgical’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of surgical solutions and revolutionizing patient care.

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Surgeons Gather at SAGES 2023 to Witness the SURROUNDSCOPE

Netanya, Israel and Dallas TX – April 3, 2023 – 270Surgical Ltd. (the “Company”) returned to SAGES with the latest version of the SURROUNDSCOPE, the world’s most advanced FDA Cleared laparoscopic system on the market. 

The Surgical Association for Gastrointestinal Endoscopy Surgeons (SAGES) 2023 conference held in Montreal was an extraordinary gathering of the finest minds in surgical innovation. Esteemed surgeons from across North America were able to experience the novel technology and unique concept firsthand. The atmosphere was electric with excitement as world-leading surgeons acknowledged its potential to revolutionize the future of surgery.

“Seeing better is doing better, and this really allows you to do that, and if you are seeing better you are going to have a safer outcome.” Dr. John Marks, Chief of Colorectal Surgery at Lankenau Medical Center. 

Dr John Marks’ testimonial at SAGES 2023

A New Era in Laparoscopy
The SURROUNDSCOPE is a game-changer in the realm of laparoscopic surgery, offering unparalleled precision, visualization, and control. Designed to enhance surgeon dexterity and patient outcomes, this revolutionary system leverages cutting-edge technology to provide a truly immersive and intuitive experience for surgeons.

SAGES 2023 provided the perfect platform for 270Surgical to demonstrate the capabilities of their laparoscopic system. Attendees were enthralled as world-renowned surgeons such as Dr. Santiago Horgan (UCSD), Dr. John Marks (Lankenau Medical Center) and Dr. Gideon Sroka (Bnai-Zion Medical Center) showed the advanced features and discussed their experiences using this state-of-the-art technology. Surgeons were particularly excited about the novel concept of the system, which offers a 270-degree view of the surgical field, allowing for enhanced spatial awareness and precise maneuvering, resulting in increased safety as well as shorter surgery time. 

Yoav Mintz

Dr. Yoav Mintz Presented the SurroundScope at the EAES in Barcelona

270Surgical’s SurroundScope was presented by Dr. Yoav Mintz, the Chair of the European Association for Endoscopic Surgery (EAES) Technology Committee, at the European Association for Endoscopic Surgery in Barcelona. 

Dr. Mintz presented the “SurroundScope” – our 270 field of view endoscopic system, at the ‘Surgical technologies in the near future’ session and reported he had nothing to disclose.
Dr. Yoav Mintz is an associate professor of surgery and director of the division of foregut surgery at Hadassah Medical Center, Jerusalem, Israel.

The recording of the EAES Winter Meeting 2022, ‘Surgical technologies in the near future – Wide view laparoscopic camera’ is available on demand. Free access for EAES members.


270Surgical’s SURROUNDSCOPE featured in “Surgical Endoscopy Journal”

Netanya, Israel and Dallas TX – August 20, 2021 – 270Surgical Ltd. (the “Company”) announces a new publication at the prestigious Surgical Endoscopy Journal, highlighting the company’s ground-breaking visualization system, the SURROUNDSCOPE, and its potential to revolutionize the field by improving visualization, enhancing patient safety, and reducing procedure duration.

The field of laparoscopic surgery continues to evolve with groundbreaking advancements aimed at improving patient outcomes and surgical precision. In an exciting development, 270Surgical’s revolutionary laparoscopic system has captured the attention of the medical community, earning a prestigious publication in the renowned Surgical Endoscopy Journal.
The study took place at Bnai Zion Medical Center in Israel and the Minnesota Institute for Minimally Invasive Surgery in the US. 

Making Strides in Laparoscopy

270Surgical’s publication in the Surgical Endoscopy Journal signifies a significant leap forward in the field of laparoscopic surgery. The study titled “The Introduction of Wide-Angle 270° Laparoscopy through a Novel Laparoscopic Camera System” showcases the company’s pioneering laparoscopic technology and its potential to transform surgical procedures.

A Revolutionary Camera System

The core innovation at the heart of 270Surgical’s laparoscopic system is the SURROUNDSCOPE camera. Traditionally, laparoscopic surgery has been limited by a narrow field of view (FOV) of 70°. This constrained perspective can result in complications and compromised visualization during procedures. However, the SURROUNDSCOPE system takes a bold leap by expanding the FOV to an impressive 270°. Achieved through the integration of side cameras at the distal tip of the laparoscope, this expanded FOV opens up new possibilities for surgeons.

In addition to the expanded FOV, 270Surgical’s system addresses two common obstacles encountered in laparoscopic surgery: fogging and smoke accumulation. The SURROUNDSCOPE’s innovative technology and advanced LED illumination eliminates fogging, ensuring optimal visualization throughout the procedure. Moreover, the impact of smoke is greatly reduced, alleviating the need for laparoscope removal or venting, and allowing surgeons to maintain clear visualization without interruption.

Positive Initial Clinical Experience

The publication outlines the promising results obtained during the initial clinical experience with the SURROUNDSCOPE. Thirty-seven laparoscopic surgeries were performed, with all procedures completed successfully and without adverse events. Surgeons and camera holders provided valuable feedback, highlighting the system’s advantages over traditional laparoscopy.

Surgeons reported improved visualization, as the SURROUNDSCOPE system allowed them to track surgical tools from the port to the surgical site without the need for constant camera manipulation. The expanded FOV also enabled the identification of potentially adverse events occurring outside the central frame, further enhancing patient safety.

As the medical community eagerly awaits further research and quantification of the system’s benefits, the publication serves as a testament to the dedication of 270Surgical in developing innovative solutions that advance surgical techniques.


The inclusion of 270Surgical’s journal publication in the esteemed Surgical Endoscopy Journal is a testament to the transformative potential of their laparoscopic system. With its expanded FOV, elimination of fogging, and reduced impact of smoke, the SurroundScope system has the potential to reshape the future of laparoscopic surgery. This pioneering technology brings hope for improved surgical outcomes, setting the stage for a new era of precision and innovation in the operating room.


270Surgical Ltd. Announces Podium Presentation of New Data for its SurroundScope System at the SAGES 2020 Annual Meeting on April 2nd

Netanya, Israel and Dallas TX – February 6, 2020 – 270Surgical Ltd. (the “Company”) announced today that an abstract featuring new data for its SurroundScope System was selected for a podium presentation at the Society of American Gastrointestinal and Endoscopic Surgeons (SAGES) Annual Meeting, which is taking place from April 1st – 4th at the Huntington Convention Center in Cleveland, OH.

Podium Presentation Details:

Title: SurroundScope – The introduction of wide-angle 270-degree laparoscopy
Conf. Session: Emerging Technology Session
Date and Time: 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. ET on Thursday, April 2nd

About the SurroundScope System

The SurroundScope System consists of a hardware, software and electro-optic solution that incorporates a myriad of lenses at the distal end of the scope. The result is a specialty laparoscopic system that addresses three long-standing challenges in laparoscopy, including restricted field-of-view, surgical smoke (plume), and lens fogging. The SurroundScope is the first marketable laparoscope that offers up to a 270-degree field-of-view, which is an increase of 200% compared to other laparoscopes in the market. This expanded field-of-view is expected to have considerable implications for procedures performed within the disciplines of general surgery, trauma, OBGYN, and thoracic surgery.

About 270Surgical Ltd.

Founded in 2016, 270Surgical is a medical device company that developed the SurroundScope System, an innovative laparoscopic camera system. The SurroundScope System is the first laparoscopic system to offer a 270-degree field-of-view. The SurroundScope received FDA clearance in November 2019, and is expected to be commercially available in the U.S. in the second half of 2020. For more information, please visit