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Lankenau Medical Center to acquire 270Surgical’s SURROUNDSCOPE for Superior Laparoscopic Surgery Safety and Efficiency

(Netanya, Israel) 6 June 2023 – Lankenau Medical Center and Dr. John Marks, internationally recognized for outstanding expertise and innovation in minimally invasive surgery, has acquired SURROUNDSCOPE™ from 270Surgical Ltd.

The SURROUNDSCOPE™, developed and manufactured by 270Surgical, is a pioneering laparoscopic system, enabling surgeons a new, safer, and more efficient way to operate.

The revolutionary 270 ̊ Surround Field of View technology reduces ‘off-screen’ injuries, provides surgeons unparalleled visibility, and has the potential to substantially improve patient outcomes.

“A 270-degree view is incredible and so much more than we see in laparoscopic and robotic surgery,” says Dr. Marks. “It’s even more than we can see in open surgery.”

“With a much better view of what’s all around the area where we’re operating – meaning no blind spots – we can avoid possible injury to tissues that are off screen,” Dr. Marks adds. “It’s just so much safer as well as more efficient, since we don’t need to move the laparoscope to see better.”

Additional benefits of the SURROUNDSCOPE™- the world’s first FDA Cleared 270-degree field-of-view laparoscope system are the prevention of fogging on the camera and the ability to see through smoke caused by tissue cauterization, both representing a tremendous advantage compared to standard laparoscopes available in the market.

“Standard laparoscopes have lenses that fog when inside the body,” says Dr. Marks. “When this happens, we need to pull the laparoscope out of the body, clear the lens and then put it back inside to continue. This might happen four or more times during an operation. Because this new device is designed to prevent fogging, we can keep the camera in the body without having to clear it, for a shorter operating time. It’s a huge benefit.”

Avi Levy, the inventor of SURROUNDSCOPE™ and CEO of 270Surgical commented: “We are very proud to have identified Lankenau Medical Center as a premier location for us to enter the U.S. Market. Dr. Marks is a visionary and globally respected surgeon who shares our passion for making surgery safer and more efficient for patients and surgeons, and to expand the use of MIS in the future for improved surgery outcomes and patients’ comfort.”

About Lankenau Medical Center

Lankenau Medical Center, part of Main Line Health, is a longtime teaching and research hospital. Lankenau Medical Center is ranked as one of the top 3 hospitals out of nearly 100 in the Philadelphia region and among the top 10 hospitals out of more than 200 in Pennsylvania.

About 270Surgical

Established in 2016, 270Surgical is a pioneering medical device company aiming to revolutionize Minimally Invasive Surgery with its pioneering visualization platform the SURROUNDSCOPE™ – the world’s first FDA Cleared 270-degree field-of-view laparoscope system.

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President and CCO

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